Tuesday, October 23, 2007



I never wanted an I-played-two-games-of-foosball-today kind of blog.
The idea from the start was to try to say something of general interest
about the game of ultimate, not necessarily about my personal experience.
But today I am excited to be going to Sarasota with my DoG reunion team.

Two years ago I was ignominiously cut from the open team in Chicago.
I guess I was too old, or too old school, or too slow (more a function of
teething-child-induced-sleep-deprivation than age, but nevertheless).
That year a master's team grew in Chicago, and though it was a lot of
fun (and we qualified, and they're coming this year), I had been sold on
DoG reunion ever since our Easterns win a few years back.

Now it is a reality, and the thrill of playing with TGTITHOTG...BF is
back! Yeah, baby!

yeah, but did you WIN at foosball, or not?
um, TGPITGBF isn't it?
ah...i see now.

it's not "the greatest player in the game by far" that you're saying. (paul greff? j seeger?)

you're saying "the greatest team in the history of the game by far."
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