Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Revised Proposal

Here is a revised version of the spirit ranking
proposal, worked out after consultation with Will
Deaver (Director of Championships) and others.

This proposal has the endorsement of:

Will Deaver, Director of Championships, UPA
Jim Parinella, Former President of the UPA
Kate Bergeron, Former President of the UPA

Feel free to comment and add your name to the
list of endorsers.



That the UPA
1. Create new guidelines for spirit score rankings and submit for board approval by April 1, 2007. If approval is not granted, revise and submit within a month. And so on, until approval is obtained.
2. Require Admin to ensure ranking guidelines are communicated to captains of teams whose spirit scores are to be collected.
3. Include guidelines along with other "conduct" literature used for training UPA event personnel.
4. Distribute "Ten Things You Need to Know About SOTG" along with waiver forms -- if legal, then on the back of the paper; also if legal, then as page two of the electronic document containing the waiver.
5. Administer the collection and processing of spirit rankings as follows:
a) Collect spirit rankings at every game at UPA championships for college and club, and for HS Easterns/Westerns and YCC.
b) Establish a Team Spirit Award
for each division at the events of part (5a), given to the team that receives the highest overall average spirit ranking.
c) Collect spirit rankings at the finals of regionals for college and club divisions
d) Expand the collection and processing of spirit rankings beyond 5.a, 5.b, 5.c as resources allow
[Note: Items 5.a and 5.b describe the current practice of the UPA.]
6. Implement items 2-5 by September 1, 2007, or within a month of approval of new guidelines, whichever comes LATER.


I realize I probably missed this in an early post - sorry to make you repeat yourself...but what's your goal with this proposal - just to improve spirit throughout the game?

If you scroll down on my blog page you will find two previous posts regarding this proposal and the rationale behind it. Briefly, spirit scores will become more meaningful if there is an approved standard behind the ranking system. This will enable the UPA to pinpoint and reward areas of great spirit, as well as identify and address areas of need. It will enable the UPA to promote the sport as highly spirited, and to back that up with reliable data. It will (hopefully) lead to people taking the ranking system more seriously. It will codify current practice, so that future administrations are obliged to at least continue current efforts. It will also expand the current system to regional tournaments and beyond, as resources allow.
Some league examples (that, in retrospect, you likely already have googled, but nevermind):



Thanks, f.

If the proposal is approved, then we will actually have to create specific guidelines. Existing models will be a useful resource. The ensuing discussion will make good blog fodder.

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