Friday, October 14, 2005


Blog Hiatus

This blog will go on hiatus until January 1, 2006. The reasons are simple:

1. My team did not make the UPA Championship tournament in Sarasota.
I will lack fresh new insights about the state of the game (if ever I had them).
2. I don't want to write about the future of the sport while a member
of the Board of Directors of the UPA (term expires January 1), lest my opinions
be confused with those of the Board.
3. Given that the future and present of disc is off limits, writing about the past
would be dull.

While on hiatus, I will (probably) not write new posts. I may respond to your
comments, however, which are most welcome. You can make them here.

Thanks for your readership,

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Can you add the date to comments? I was looking over your blog, and I dont know which threads are 'dead' and which ones someone might still be checking.



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