Sunday, October 09, 2005


Black Sunday: Say it Ain't So!

I don't treat this space as a chronicle of my personal experiences, but today is a singular day. It is the worst day of ultimate in the history of the city of Chicago.

First, my team, Machine, was eliminated in an upset during the hard cap by Madison. The cap went on at 12-13, which means that we finish the point and, if tied, play another. We lost 14-12. End of season for Chicago Open. After that body blow, I wanted to beat it. I can't bear the sight of watching the victors enjoy the spoils. I take losses hard enough as it is. But my carpool wanted to wallow in misery, so I scouted the tournament for other games of interest. I found them.

Next up was the Mixed team, Mr. Briefcase, playing an elimination game against the Chad Larson Experience. Mr. B was up at least one upwind break. But tides turn, and we were soon watching another hard-cap game, this one all tied at 14. Sudden death. C'mon Briefcase! I was cheering like it was my own team. After a few turnovers, CLX flowed down the field and celebrated. Chicago Mixed was out.

Still no ride home, so I quickly found Nemesis vs. Bait embroiled in their Betty Bowl elimination game -- winner goes to Sarasota. Nemesis got the disc on D but had to travel upwind to take it. The task proved too much, and Bait moved down to win. Chicago Women, for the first time in years and years and years, was out.

That's it. No Show for Chicago.

Sorry, Zaz.

I still remember the disappointment the last time my team got knocked out. The Tea Party stopped at a liquor store and drank and drove home from Dartmouth as we went through the stat book reliving the game pass by gory pass.

For the record, this was the first time since 1990 that Nemesis didn't win the region (Michigan won, Stray Cows got the 2nd spot). Other interesting kinks in regional dynasties: Ozone (and Burban Sprawl) lost (but qualified) for the first time since 1991), and Godiva lost a game at Regionals but still managed to win (last Regionals non-championship was 1989). Both Ozone and Godiva have made it every year since 1987.
I had a great time playing machine in that game. It happened to be one of the best games I think I've ever played. I gotta hook up with a Titcomb next time and jam at half for fun.

Madison was warm from game 1 and we got really up to play machine. Your hucks just kept sailing downwind. Machine is a fun team to play with nice guys. And dont forget your callahan goal.
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